New Things I Do in New Year

It's 2018 already y'all! Happy new year thought it's pretty late to say it, but nah it's not that late, yet. So, it's another year for me to live in this chaotic yet beautiful place and another year for me to have some new goals. I've done so much in 2017 and I'm grateful for that, I'm really grateful for everything that happened in that year. I mean, without those bad decisions, impulsiveness, and rushed thoughts; I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't feel what I feel, and I wouldn't start to know myself a little bit better than I used to.

Since I’ve learned a lot in 2017, I will and I want myself to learn a lot more in 2018 too. So, in that case, all we need is resolution, right? But instead of writing down tons and tons of things to do (or things I won’t do), I will be focusing myself on one thing, only one thing and it is self-love. Yap, I will start to love myself more this year.

I might sound a little bit off here because well, let’s face the t…

Photographic Memory

I’ve never been good with memories. Not because I can’t remember things, it’s because I remember everything, every little detail, every nuance. People with that kind of ability—remembering the details and nuances—might be having a photographic memory. I still remember the first word I learnt in English, it was cat, I learnt it from a book, the kind of book which has lot of squares and there is a picture and a word in each square. The cat word and picture were on top left of the left page, each page consisted of two rows and three columns. I felt excited and had lot of jolts in learning that language. The kind of jolt when you know you will do great in it.
That was one of my stored memories.
Not also having photographic memory, I also have the ability to choose the things I like to remember. I have my own mind palace. Ring a bell of something? Yes, Sherlock also has that. My mind—my brain—it’s like a library and also there is a movie theatre there, I store my memories in the library as d…


I'm going to love you without an agenda
I'm going to let you be the best version of yourself, not making you as one
I'm going to give you love you deserve, in kisses, hugs, and cuddles as the forms
I'm going to let you be restless of everything, and let you have a rest from everything
I'm not going to ask you to certain your feeling over something when you're not ready, I'm going to let you feel what you need to feel and how you want to feel
I'm not going to heal you or giving myself a deadline for your healing, I'm going to be with you until you're healed, no matter how long it'll be
And I'm going to love you without an agenda, but I'm going to write how much I love you in my agenda.